About Us

About Techtronics India Limited

Techtronics is a preferred supplier of quality machine tools, machines and equipment for over 10 years. The name has become synonymous with trust, quality and reliability. Techtronics has earned the confidence and trust of countless customers across India.

Techtronics offers a wide range of products manufactured by leading global manufacturers such as  Nicolas Correa Anayak – Spain, Hosung Machinery – Korea, Wetori Koshinova – Taiwan, Buffalo Machinery-Taiwan, SKEM-Korea. These are some of the brands represented by us. Contact our near branch to know about our offerings or download company profile.

Apart from just supplying these machines to clients in India we also understand the value of reliable after sales service and support. Techtronics has an extensive network and support infrastructure of qualified technicians who provide prompt support to customers.

Techtronics continues to strive towards better services. It is our endeavor to be your preferred supplier by offering quality and high performance machines along with excellent support and service.

We assure you of the best return on investment and the most competitive pricing.

Recently Techtronics has diversified into providing hands on learning educational products through a tie-up with LEGO Education, the world leader in educational products. You will fine more information on these products on our website www.techtronics-edu.in.

Do get in touch with us for all your machine and equipment requirements. We invite you to browse our website and learn more about our range.